Welcome to a market estimated at $363 billion.

Canadian and European companies can participate to US environmental Trade Shows and get access to an unparalleled network by interacting with thousands of leading professionals across the North American continent – representing a market worth more than $363 billion over the next decade.

Connected with thousands Industry Professionals in search of partners, joint venture, imports and distributors across North America and the entire Continental Europe.

A healthy environment plays a key role to meet the 2030 goal and put greater efforts on funding better solutions to pollution, climate change and biodiversity in order to truly transform societies for a better living  and creats a world of economic opportunyties.

By the year 2030, the European environmental market is worth more than $326 billion while the North America Market $363 billion.


We are dedicated to the Environmental Industry.

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The North American market represents more than $363 billion over the next decade.
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We’ve been delivering time sensitive cargo and trade show transportation solutions to corporate marketing managers for 40 years.
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European companies can enter the US market by taking part in trade show exhibitions across North America.
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